February’s Heart

February came in like a lamb. Warm, sunny and very pleasant here in the midwest. I was hoping it would be warm enough to finish up some painting projects I have but the hubs says it has to be at least 60 degrees to paint outside. Dang it!

Meanwhile, I will share my Valentines decorating from last year. I will share more this year but here’s the thing. We are planning on moving. Having decided that we put some furniture for sell that sold faster than expected. Including our dining room table. So we have a big empty space. The space where my table stood and was always decorated especially for holidays but even for seasons. Now I have a sideboard.

I should have taken a better picture and literally the candles but at the time I never thought about that they might be used in a blog. I love the angel. She is sparkly. Gotta love that bit of bling.


I am embarrassed that you can see my reflection in the mirror. I promise you I will do better. The Be Mine metal letters I probably bought from TJ MAXX or similiar. Gotta love those stores. TJMAXX, Hobby Lobby, Ross, Michaels etc. My mother was a single mom and taught me to find good bargains out of necessity. I loved Big Lots but it was called Pic n Save back then. Still love it.


This is a close up of that little vignette on the sideboard. I would have added chocolates here and there but truth be told they would have ended up on my hips. I have zero will power. Sad but truth.

What are your plans for Valentines Day? My hubs wants to go to a coin show that weekend so I will be doing my all time favorite thing to do…. which is…. SHOPPING! What’s the big deal? You ask. Well we live in the middle of nowhere. That means very limited shopping places. It’s an hour to St. Louis and an hour to Springfield or Jefferson City. So when my hubs says let’s go to St. Louis, I jump up and down. Ok so I may be a little melodramatic but hey. I drop him off and then go hit my fav spots like the aforementioned. I shop til I drop or until I have to pick him up. He’s great though cos he will go with me afterwards. Could I go without him, sure but I hate driving 100 miles all by myself. And I have yet to find another person besides my daughter who can shop as long as I can. We are usually gone for about 12 hours. I know it’s crazy.

I will be back soon to share some more pictures and ideas plus some recipes.
Hope your day goes great.


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