My Winter Mantle

After Christmas, with my crazy over the top decorating for the holiday, the time afterwards is blah. Outside is blah,  my painting projects are on hold, at least the bigger pieces, and frankly it’s a challenge to come up with inspiring decor . However; I try to remember that the house may not sparkle with twinkly lights but it can glow with candles.


We have a beautiful brick fireplace with a huge hearth. And while I love Joanna Gaines and her Fixer Upper style, I cringe whenever they paint brick.  But I have seen it work.
Anyway, here is my mantle with a big 6 panel window I picked up at an antique  store. The empty frame in front of it is one I painted white.  The clock I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  The post, honestly  I have no idea where I got it but I love it’s aged patina. On the left I added a wood candle stick, a newer white one that is distressed looking although it is glass. The tall iron candelabra adds more height.
As soon as Spring hits, it will change with more pops of Spring colors.


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