Hobby Lobby vs Magnolia Store

I can’t help it. I love the show Fixer Upper and I love the Gaines family.  I want to be best friends with them. I want to move to Texas and have them redo a sad house and turn crappie into happy. I want the dang cookie she bakes for her clients. What kind are they? I wonder. Do you wonder?

In the meantime,  I,  along with plenty of other people out there try to copy emulate her style by the shows we watch numerous times,  or look on Pinterest,  Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else we can snag some ideas.
The retailers are paying attention too. Places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s,  Target and Walmart to name a few are jumping on the train. 


See this globe. As soon as I saw it on their show, I thought hmn, do I like it? I did. So I went to some thrift stores,  resale stores and antique malls and yep I found them.  Unfortunately, everyone must have seen the same thing because globes that were probably selling for a buck or two before that episode were now asking like $45. I asked my husband. Do I like the globe that much? He said, you shouldn’t buy something you don’t like because JoJo does. Even he calls her JoJo. So I thought,  he’s right . But everytime I saw one, I had to look at its price.  Well I couldn’t believe it but I found this one for only $6.00. At that price, I did like it. But I will most likely  paint and distress the holder thingamabob.

One thing that I did love was the Olive buckets although I had seen them before. I liked them but didn’t quite know how I would use one.  But thought I had seen one before at HOBBY LOBBY.   Lol and behold, I swear a light from above shone down on them. This one had a hanger too. Best thing 50% off made it $10.00.( Insert happy dance music here.) I bought quite a few items at Hobby Lobby and decided to hang my olive bucket up with some fake faux geraniums. I love it.



I went online to Magnolia Farms and sure enough they had the same ones or pretty close to my eye. But they are $28.00

I still want to go to Texas and at least visit there but I am thrilled that us penny pinchers can still find bargains. I mean the more money I can save, the more stuff I can buy. Please don’t tell my husband that, he already thinks I am a hoarder.
Where are some of your best deals? 


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