Spring Hope

These past few days the weather here in the Midwest has been pleasantly warm.  We decided to go visit our daughter who lives near the Tourist Town of Branson,  Mo. She works in radio and it’s always exciting and a little weird to hear you’re kid on the radio.  Cool though.  Did you know that Branson is a Christian town? I think that’s amazing and wonderful in a World of craziness.


Before we drove up here, it was warm enough for me to fling the doors open and let the house air out.  Ah fresh air that doesn’t make you cold.

Since St Patrick’s Day is coming and I am part Irish,  I had to get my GREEN on. And again because we are trying to sell the house,  I have to dial down my decorating to about a 3.

We’ll start with my mantle. I fussed and mussed and finally decided to go with the less is more. 


The window is an old one I found at an antique store for probably under $15. Because I am too cheap conscientious to spend more. The shutters I tore apart and flanked them on each  side of the window which I turned sideways. The wreath I’ve had for a while, not sure where I got that. Couple of books turned backwards create a little more height to the vase of flowers and my little bunny . The Blue Plate I just bought because eventually I will do a wall of plates.  After Saint Patrick’s Day the little shamrocks will come down and I have a cute little spring sign that we’ll go up.


This is a close up of the fake faux flowers and plate. I like the color combination for spring and even summer.


Although this picture doesn’t really do it justice, this is a for lack of a better term is a lantern which I have filled with 3 mini Saint Patrick’s flags and a bunch of foam color shamrocks to add a little pop of color. It changes seasonally.


This is a little box that I turn sideways and added a cute little bit  of St Patrick’s things. This is in my dining room. You may remember I am moving and therefore I have no dining room table anymore and my dining room is pretty bare. I miss doing little vignettes in there. 

This is the family room connected to kitchen and casual dining. We basically live in here.


Since I don’t have a dining room to set a table, this is in our casual dining room where I set the table for us two since we are empty nesters.  The plates are Homer Laughlin  restaurant style plates. They have a green ring around the rim. They aren’t fancy but then again I don’t think that Leprechaun’s are all that picky.  I am in love with these old deep forest green glasses that I found just last night at the Heartland Mall in Lebanon,  Mo. There were 4 of them and worth the 65% discount,  I danced all the way to the cashier. $5.00 my friends.  Sadly, we arrived only 30 minutes before they closed,  so I was like a crazed maniac almost running down each of aisles before I heard the dreaded Shoppers, our store is closing in 5 minutes.  Please being your purchases to the front desk.  Noooooo. It was our fault though so I left with just those glasses.  I had been looking for awhile since they are versatile not only for St Patrick’s Day but Christmas too.


I love lambs. I have this picture of Jesus holding a lamb that I love.  I got to hold my friends new baby ones too. They are so adorable.


This is top of my hutch.  Again,  it’s pretty sparse cos everything is packed.  It’s so frustrating to know you have something only to realize it is packed somewhere.  Rats!

Hope this cheers you up a bit. I mean who doesn’t smile when you think of Leprechauns.


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