Target Rocked This One

I have not been a big Target shopper. And having lived in the middle of nowhere , the closest Target is literally 100 miles away in every direction.  So when I go visit the kiddo in Branson area, there is a strip mall where there is a Target, a TJ MAXX and a Lowes. So I go since I live in a small town where  we only have Walmart ( which is where you see everyone) , a Big Lots, KMART and a small Penneys and a Kohls,  so when I go to the big towns like Springfield or St Louis, I go crazy. It’s like I have been starving and then I get to go to a big huge buffet all filled with my favorite foods.
At any rate, I went to said Target in Branson and they have the Dollar Bin area  ( I’m sure you know it. ) and that’s where I found this little baby.  For $3.00. I had no idea what I would exactly do with it at the time but I knew for $3.00, this baby was going home with me.  Along with a few other things. I brought it home and pondered what I would do with it. Then I wandered onto Pinterest, and there was something similar someone did and I thought hmn,  I bet my little Target buy would work the same way.  So ta da!


I just need to get a label in there but not sure what the label should say.  Toilet paper seems weird. So I will try to find something prettier. 
Does anyone know how to say toilet paper in french? 
OK I couldn’t wait.  I had to Google it.  My label will be made saying Papier Toilette.


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