Having an Antique Booth.

Booth in Antique  Mall



I have loved Antiques since about 1981. I got re introduced to an old childhood friend who has this little tiny house but had it decorated top to bottom with antiques and I loved it. She helped me get started. 

Since then,  I have changed decor a lot but there was always a bit of country. And an antique  here and there, including one I bought in 1981.

In Minnesota, I decided to try my hand at having a small Antique store in a town of 3,000. Shortly thereafter,  I decided to open a mall and get vendors and offer consignment. That was a lot of fun because I didn’t have to spend so much money buying items and let the Vendors bring the products in. I made my money on their booth rent and my own booth.  Sadly, my husband became terminal and I had to close it to care for him. 

I opened another store a couple years later here in Missouri  but it was solely mine and I sold the building when we moved.  One thing I learned is what a difference there was in Mn buyers and Mo buyers. What sold in Mn well didn’t sell here at all.

I love garage sale hunting and  going to auctions and there were bargains to be bought. It started looking for furniture to fix up for my daughter and new son in law for their new place.  I found an old ugly buffet for $30. at auction, and refinished it. It turned out awesome and I was hooked.  So I thought I would try and sell my stuff.

I did pretty well selling on a Facebook  group however,  it was frustrating when people said they were going to take it and then they never show up.  Plus I had other small things from auctions and sales so I thought I would try a booth.
I started it in Fall, not a great time really to start but the Mall was running a special so I bit the bullet. 

Here at this particular mall,  most of the items aren’t antiques at all. There are some but the market just doesn’t support it. There is another bigger Antique  mall a few miles up the road and they have more true antiques and I have been told the Vendors don’t sell that well. This is a small town and you need to know what works where you are. Walmart is packed here while a store like Nordstrom would wither up and die.  Know your market. Look around at the booths and different stores and see what they have to offer and at what prices.  That way if you see something like a kerosene lantern and you know they are popular and you can make money on it,  you can snatch it up. 
You don’t need to know everything,  we have Google and Ebay for that. Lol. Seriously,  it works. Gotta love our smart phones.



Your booth needs to be kept fresh, otherwise people will think nothing has changed and will miss any new items that you have brought in. I move my booth around at least once a week, to the chagrin of my husband. Poor guy!
I also decorated the back walls with kraft paper not  to distract from the items on the wall but to add some texture and interest. It’s like staging  your home for sale anything try to highlight key pieces you try to highlight key pieces and anything to get them into your booth. I am a firm believer in not crowding the space.  Recently I sold a huge piece that was used for display.  I quickly added the red piece and just painted some shutter doors red to add some pop to the space.  My booth is one of many and I need to do something different to get a buyers attention.


Oddly, I had this desk in my booth and no one bought it.  So I brought it home and advertised it in a Facebook furniture group and got a lot of interest. Weird. You just never know what will sell and what won’t.  However; I don’t let anything sit too long even if I take it out and later put it back in. 

Tell me what attracts you to a booth?


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