Moving the cheap and easy way.


I love to move. Anyone I tell usually checks me for a fever and not finding one tells me i am insane. This especially  refers to my husband.  I have moved approximately 30 times  in the last 30 years which may not seem like so much ( or maybe you do) but considering I have lived in my current home for almost 13
years, you might now believe my love for change. BTW my husband and I have been married 15 years. So he didn’t even know me during my moving times. We moved from MN to Mo and then only moved to a neighboring town for a few different reasons including being closer to work.
Point being, I know a lot about moving and what and what doesn’t work.  The biggest move was from California to MN and that was when I used a professional moving company. I still had to pack everything though. That move went pretty well. They even drove a collectible Corvette car into the top ramp of the moving van. That was wild.
The second time I used a well known moving company   which proved to be disastrous. The estimator under estimated how much stuff we had and the guys doing the move didn’t have enough room on the truck. It was a nightmare.


Most of my moves have been using UHAUL and my hubs can pack a truck like sardines in a can.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned from good and bad experiences.

Once you know you’re going to move,  collect boxes from grocery stores, Walmart, liquor stores or even on some of those online Facebook groups. People will post free boxes just to get rid of them.

Call your local newspaper office and ask if they have end rolls which is the paper left at end that they don’t want to use.  It’s cheap and you can cut it to size.  Great for wrapping breakables. Use a razor blade carefully and cut through several layers.


Pack all your rarely used items first.
Try to keep the items your packing in same room in house. Kitchen should be kitchen related. Believe me things get thrown in weird places. Then Label it using large letter Kitchen so you know where it goes. Some people color code but I don’t. 

When packing, if you haven’t done it before,now is the time to weed out what you actually need and use and get rid of the rest.  Either sell it, cosign it, donate or trash. Set aside piles or even use boxes to use for sorting. I mean this for everything not just clothes. Office stuff, like 3 staplers,  keys that you don’t know where they go and paperwork.

Set aside a box for cleaning supplies and put that in your vehicle for moving in. Don’t forget things like shelf paper, paper towels, toilet brush etc. You may want to add in scissors, tape, hammer, screwdriver and nails.

Pack a suitcase for a couple nights stay in your new house because you might not find the box with your toothbrush in it yet.

Pack your kitchen box with things you will need the next morning. Coffee and coffee maker, sugar creamer. Maybe some pastry something easy because you won’t have time to make breakfast.

Make sure that you get the change of address forms for your mail any subscriptions and anyone else who needs to know you moved.

I highly recommend that you change your locks at your new place since you don’t know who has a key. You might be able to just have them rekeyed.


Before you start unpacking if you haven’t had the house cleaned I would recommend bringing out the bleach cleaner and going to town especially on your kitchen and bathrooms. If you can afford it I would hire a house cleaner right before you come.

If you are hiring movers you may want to bring some money for tips. Standard industry says you should tip 5% but it’s up to you. If friends are helping you want to make sure that you provide them with food and drinks.


Take plenty of pictures it’s kind of fun to watch the process later.

Realize that it’s going to take awhile completely unpack and that’s okay as long as you have the necessities. Have fun and realize you’re going to change everything anyway


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