Bargains at Dollar General

I live in a small town. It’s about 19,000 +souls who live here. I have lived in smaller towns but given this town has a major University,  one would  think it would have great shopping.  Nope. There’s a Walmart (of course) , KMart, Big Lots, a tiny JCPenney,Kohls just came, 2 other grocery stores, a Goodwill and Salvation Army and some smaller businesses.
Here’s the funny part. In this little town there is a Dollar Tree ( a personal favorite  and also fairly new) and not one but two Dollar Generals. Why, you ask , I wish I knew. The town is only like 3 miles in any direction or so the hubs says. At any rate, I decided to stop by one on the way home from Walmart.
Here’s what I found.


Really cute shower curtains. Fabric no less and can you see those prices. Egad!!
Which one do you like?
I like this one in particular.


Who knew? Not me. But now I am going to be checking this store or the other one more carefully.
What do you buy when and if you go there? 


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