Garage Sale Tricks & Tips.

I love garage sales. Don’t you? However, I don’t love having one but  I generally do 2 a year. Simply because I get rid of a lot of stuff and make really good money.  In fact people look for my sales. Here are some ideas I have done for a successful garage sale.


As you can see there is a lot of stuff and there is tons more inside the garage.  Since everyone jokes with me about being a hoarder I named it
I posted it on every site I knew on Facebook, Bookoo and our local classifieds.  I put up flyers everywhere. I posted it on my personal Facebook page.
And boy did they come. A lot. There was a line to the cashier who I hired . She was a friend’s high school daughter. She was so overwhelmed.  Poor thing.

Ahead of time, get some change because people will be handing you $20.00 bills all day long. I get $30 in $1’s , $25 in fives and a couple rolls of quarters for my bank. I use those carpenter aprons to put my money in. I NEVER lay my money down on a table. ( I do use a cash register cos I have one from my old store)


My husband is doing a great job modeling, don’t you think?

First thing I did was set up my tables in my garage in a U shape since there was still stuff in the garage that we weren’t selling.  Once you open, I set out another table where customers can set their items on to pay. That leaves their hands free to shop more.

Staging and Presentation matter here too. Set things up to look nice instead of just thrown on a table.

I had put all the things I wanted to sell in boxes beforehand,  so I decided which table would be for certain items. Group your items that go together near each other.  Example, all kitchen stuff on one table, knick knacks on another. Think of it like a store. Oh there’s the table for bathroom, looks there’s towels next to it. Etc.

As you set out each item label  clearly with price on each one. Those little tags of colors never seem to stay on for me. If you tagging clothes I actually have a price tagger but you could use clothespins or safety pins. But don’t put holes in garment just attach to Mfg label. Also provide a full length mirror so people can hold it up and check themselves out.  Watch out they try to buy the mirror. Lol

If you have something small that isn’t worth a quarter, put it with something else and sell together.  You can use cheap baggies from Dollar Tree for packaging. 

Jewelry looks better packaged too.  I have seen them attached to single cards which catches the eye. Attach them to something like even a piece of wood with fabric on it. Anything to make it look good.

Set out your signs directing people to your sale if your town allows it. I do it the night before and put them at major intersections and at both ends of my street. I simply put words SALE as big as possible and then my street name. If there’s room I will put dates. That’s all people driving by can take in at once. The most important thing is your street name must be large and readable from a distance.  Be sure to remove all signs once sale is over.

Expect to negotiate.  It’s kinda fun. People will negotiate over a $1.00. It’s crazy.  Sell… Use your skills to sell your items. I.e. if a lady comes up with a blue shirt, show her the Blue earrings.  You get the drift.  Make deals.

Be cautious too. People will steal so put your most expensive  and breakables near your check out table.  Carefully count out change.

Remember to smile smile smile.

Donate the rest and count your cash.



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