Growing up Easter meant a new dress for church and truth be told, I imagine an Easter basket, but I don’t remember.  I see pics of me and my big sister posing in our new dresses for Easter out in front of our house and I have a faint inkling of standing out there, but I do not remember the basket part.
By the time I had my daughter, I was pretty much into celebrating every holiday to the max. She got a new dress and age appropriate easter basket ranging from cute little baskets to purses to other storage options. Unfortunately,  since I am a candyoholic,  I ate as much or more than she did because my husband and I also traded baskets. Nikki always added to it with homemade things (the best) or as she got older more candy or something. 
Now that she’s married, we have had Easter at her house twice. It was nice to share the holidays at her place while she nestled into her own home and traditions.
This year is crazy. Since we are still moving, everything is literally boxed up except for essentials. Nikki had earlier thought she and her hubs were going to take off a few days at Easter and wouldn’t be home.  Not together for Easter?  I tried to be brave, cos my hubs told me ” They have their own life now.” But inside I felt lost. We have never been apart for the big holidays. Easter is a big holiday. It felt wrong. But it seemed as though bit by bit our old life was changing and I didn’t have as much time with my baby as I wanted and I didn’t like it one bit. Then a week after her telling me that, she called to tell me her hubs had to actually to work and they would be home and would we like to come for Easter? I did a happy dance. Of course I said feeling a teeny guilty cos I really didn’t want them to go in the first place.   Yea!!! Glad it worked out.

Meanwhile,  since I can’t decorate this year, I found some pics from last year.



I can’t wait to set up and decorate when we get our new place. In the meantime, I just reminisce with pictures.


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