Stores I Love — The Journey #1

I am a professional shopper, I have had 5 decades of practice.  Ask anyone and they will say that I find some great things and that I shop more than anyone they know. Since I live in the boondocks and decent shopping is over an hour away in any direction literally,  when I go I usually go early in the morning  like 7 to 8 and don’t return til 10 or 11 at night.  I have some favorites of course like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ MAXX but I want to share a journey where I will share special stores that you may not know. There are many that I have been to that are just okay, or too high priced or icky. The ones I will share will be ones I would take you to in person.

We’ll start with Boomland Square , located in Ozark, Mo.


I don’t even remember how I found this store but I am glad I did. Their way of design is awesome and I love to go see their decorating as much as their merchandise.
Some of their items are a little higher end but they have good quality and there are certainly things affordable.
Try their free coffee samples too because it’s awesome and reasonable too.


This is the entry, it is breathtaking.  Their design team is imaginative.


They have a little rustic cottage built in where they showcase various things.


The backside of the cottage. You can zoom in on the products.  I found cotton stems for $4.99 a bunch and they were nice quality. Thank you Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper to know I even liked cotton balls on a stick. Lol


This vignette is like a church.



I just wanted to hop on that bed and curl up. How do they make it look so squishy comfortable without making it look messy?
Check out their clearance area too for past holiday treasures.
Boomland is located South of Springfield,  MO off Hwy 65 at the Ozark exit. It is a little tricky getting there since you have to wind your way back there but there are several  Antique Stores there as well. Instead of trying to give you directions, I recommend  mapping it. Here’s the exit side .


Enjoy, I know you will.


Caution, this is generally not a “man” store according to my hubs. But I have seen men there and there are other shops next door than he may prefer.


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