OH SWEET PEA. Journey #2

Our family was told about about a good home style little diner to eat at while we were at another Antique store. We like to try new places so we that what the heck we would try it it was called Rosie Joes. And  the waitress was straight out of the 1950’s with long fingernails and bleached  blonde hair pulled up in a tight ponytail.  She reminded me of Flo, from the TV sitcom Mel’s Diner.
Well the diner wasn’t that great but we did find a slew of cute little shops in the strip mall next to it.
As we are walking across the driveway to go to one of the shops a little tiny chick ran across the driveway. It was peeping the whole way. My husband and I  corralled it into my hand where I held it wondering what the heck to do. I was walking into the store asking someone  about the little thing when the owner said that’s my chick,  I guess he got out of his cage. He’s only a day old and I raise chickens and had just bought 16.
Poor little guy would have bit the dust if we hadn’t rescued him.



There were several shops in the strip mall, some just starting up but I chose this one because it was pretty cool and they had some nice things. 
It’s name is Sweet Pea’s.


I love when they even decorate the outside.


Different things, some new some not.


Doesn’t  this look like that one on Fixer Upper.


This picture reminded me of those cow pics so popular that Hobby Lobby and then Dollar General started carrying them. 


Cute little vignettes.
This store and many others is located at 707 N 10th St Ozark, Mo 417 521 8578.


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