Moving = I am too old for this.

I didn’t lie, I love to move, however; now that I am in my fifties,  the mind says that’s a great idea but my body screams “ARE YOU CRAZY? Especially since I have accumulated enough crap stuff to qualify for Hoarders status. Every time I think about downsizing I open a box and go ” That’s so pretty.” And I close the  box and think there is probably a different box that will have something I can live without. Nope. Doesn’t happen. My husband says we had to find a house for my stuff. Now that I am seeing all of my stuff boxed up and basically waiting to move, I realize that there’s a lot of stuff. I mean a huge lot. I could probably open my own store.


I wish I could tell you that this was all of it. But unfortunately it’s not.



This is what you do when you can’t  find a band aid because it’s packed. You can see I already have a booth on hand by thumb.
Got some bad news today in that we thought we had the weekend to move but the buyer of our house put the kibosh on that. Did they not see all the stuff in my house when they toured it twice? Don’t they realize that most people move on the week end? Well we just got our stress levels ratcheted up 10 levels. Holy Buckets!!
I will be adding more info later. Now I need a nap.  Alas, no time for that.


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