Moving Day 1

Wednesday, we were excited albeit naive when we found out the seller of our new house was going to let us move some stuff into the garage. The hubs and I had packed and packed and we were excited about getting a head start since we had been told that our buyers who had originally given us the weekend to move had decided at the last minute not to let us have those extra days.  We were pretty mad especially since the buyers didn’t have a deadline since they hadn’t even put their house on the market yet and certainly had more time than we did. So what we thought would be an easier move turned out to be a nightmare. Plus it’s hard to ask friends for help during the week cos they work.  There was nothing we could do but pray ( alot) and go into triple drive. We were actually unloading when the seller stopped by . He was older and more frailer than i had thought.  I gave him my pitiful face and asked if he would mind if we moved some stuff into the 2 back rooms. He said he was out anyway except for the crap stuff in the garage that his brother of law was supposed to remove. We were so happy because the garage was already filling up
By then. He even said you guys have a lot of stuff. Yea, thanks, we know.  A friend and his friend came over for some extra muscle. We finished up about 8 pm for a 12 hour  pretty much nonstop day. 


The first box. I gave him grief about those socks.


Here’s the hubs again unloading.  Yes, I was helping  but someone had top tales pictures.
Tomorrow, we close. So excited.  First, we close our current house then off to buy the new one.

Hope I can sleep tonight.


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