FRIDAY, we woke up early,  ate breakfast and got busy. The guy Chris we hired was due at 9 and I was nervous he wasn’t going to show.  Well happily he did. Hubs came into where i was cleaning and said the guy is here and he’s a gorilla.  Sure enough, this guy was like the actor the Rock. Big, tall, muscular and perfect for moving. Very
Personable too. Apparently he used to play football for the LA Rams. I asked him “Can you please take this copper boiler( full of wood ) out or it might be too heavy, meanwhile he picks it up like it’s nothing so the rest of my sentence goes “or not”. Now that’s the kind of person you want moving you. We got the last load with UHAUL  done about 6 p.m. we thanked Chris immensely and went back to house one last time to finish up a couple garden items and to leave our keys. 


A very empty living room.




Family room, they bought my table set.


Downstairs family

An Era has ended. We bought the house in August 2003. It has been filled with love, trials and joys and seen a little girl grow up into an amazing married lady with a home of her own. It has had pets and crazy fun parties and lots of friends over. It has housed a lot of stuff and had garage sales and now it was goodbye. It was bittersweet. It’s a great house, but our needs changed and now we are starting a new chapter in our lives.
Our story continues. ..



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