Homeless for 30 more minutes

It’s official, our old house is SOLD , closed but we have until Saturday morning to get out. For most people that would be enough time however; since A)  I am an established  and documented hoarder and B) We are doing this ourselves that is not enough time. We were supposed to have the weekend too but last week they decided that they suddenly needed the weekend to move even though their house isn’t on the market. Grr. I am not a happy camper. Anyway, the closing went fine. I held my tongue and they were gushing about how great the house was and my decor. I mean it’s hard to gripe when they’re saying how great you are.

So since our closing on the new house is at 11. We are trying to relax at a local coffee house. Not sure drinking coffee will relax me.

I am going to share my before pictures.  Be careful, there is ickiness. But I promise you, this baby will shine when we’re done.



As you can see, it’s a long puppy. The garage is in the back, so what you see is all house. The landscaping needs major help but the inside for now takes precedence.
These pics I am sharing are actually cleaned up from when we initially saw the house. Remember,   that the owner is elderly and not well. He actually is a nice man who recently lost his wife whom I think was sick for awhile. Oddly enough, our last house was known as The Halloween house since we always decorated the outside and inside big time for not only Halloween but Christmas too. Come to find out that the owners of the new house were big on girl scout cookies and my friend said that it was known to be the cookie house because it was kind of the warehouse for all the cookies where the girl scouts picked up their orders from. Since I am a HUGE COOKIE aficionado it seemed fitting that I would select this house. Maybe it was left over cookie smell that appealed to me. Lol.


The kitchen has oak cabinets but they are dirty so we are going to sand them down and paint them white. We did this to our last house and while I hated my husband who insisted on hand sanding every single door which was a lot, they did come out beautiful and have lasted.  I am hoping that he let’s us use the sander for flat places and hand sanded the curves. Wish me luck on that one.


This is the living room before he moved out. Believe it or not there was a lot more stuff in here when we saw it. The big window looks out over the big backyard.
The carpet through out is God awful. It will be removed and replace with some beautiful Pergo. We had Pergo in our old house and loved it. This time, we are doing it through out and using rugs.  But right now we are just in a hurry to move in. I am already picturing antique furniture,  my calf skin rug. Old window and shutters on fireplace mantle.  Black and white check curtains.


Dining room is bigger than this pic  shows. We just bought a new to us table and chairs. By the way, we will painting pretty much the whole house. Not sure what color to do in the dining and living room, but since I am a chicken lover I am going to do kitchen in that decor, saw some cute Rooster curtains,and will paint the walls yellow. After I rip off the old ugly wallpaper.


This room is the master bedroom.  That is a King size bed and we only have a Queen bed. It’s a fair size room however, we now have to share a closet, although it is large but we are used to having separate closets.  That will be interesting.  There is a bathroom, but it’s terrible so it needs tons of work.


First thing is take out the toilet, the cabinet needs to be updated and the floor  has two different tiles. The shower may need to be replaced if Roger can’t get it clean. I think we have bought every type of cleaner there is.


This is the second bathroom. At one time this wallpaper was probably pretty cute. It has little birds on it. The tub is pretty nasty too. Again, will have to update the bathroom vanity. The flooring is tile and in good shape. The mirror and light fixture have got to go.


This large room will be the hubs Man Cave. Look at those beautiful  oak hardwood floors. He is excited to have his own space. He had one before but it was downstairs and he never went there.


This will be my craft room. Again, those floors are gorgeous. Not sure what colors I will use but it will definitely be  decorated.
We’ll it’s time to go for our closing. Right after, we’re going back to old house and continue loading and unloading as much as we can. We still have a lot left. My best friend is coming to help with her son. We need all the help we can get.
Wish us luck. We definitely  need that and prayers,are always appreciated.


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