After one closes on the house you’re excited about, one would think you would celebrate somehow. Go out to lunch or something.  But we have no time. We rushed home and continued to load . My friend,Kelly came over with her 12 year old son and they helped us load and then unload. One thing I love about Kelly, is that she tells it like it is. She walks in and says boy do you have a lot of work to do here. She’s right, but hearing it made it harder.  I thought for the first time, have I underestimated the work to be done here. Whether I had or not, it was officially ours and whatever it needed, we had to give her.
We still worked after she had to leave and had to stop only because it got dark. We were beat and more than worried that we had only one more day before we had to be out, lock,stock and barrel. We had hired a guy on the recommendation of a trusted friend but we still didn’t know if it was possible. 


Our garage at old house. It echoed. Looked huge without all my junk in there. Amazing.

It was our last night in our old house. Frankly, I was looking forward to sleeping on a bed that wasn’t on the floor. I was too tired to think about anything but moving and conking out .
Tomorrow, was the deadline.


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