SATURDAY – It’s so quiet.

After the final push to get moved in, one would think we would take a little break and sleep in on Saturday, but no, this girl woke up raring to go. Yes, I hurt, the hubs hurt but before we could do anything, we had to clean. I wasn’t about to put my clean dishes in dirty grimy cupboards, I had to scrub them out . And everything top to bottom, inside and out. Oh and there’s a ton of them too. Later, we will take off all the doors , sand them and the sides and prime and paint a clean white. We did it  to our last kitchen and it looked great. I am looking to do decor with roosters.  Since chickens and Roosters are popular,  you would think it would be easy to find some cute kitchen curtains. Maybe I am too picky. Wish I knew how to sew because I see some cute fabrics but I don’t. 

Since we are doing so much work to this house, we literally moved into the room which will become my hubs man cave. The floors are beautiful oak hardwood. I washed all the walls, took down the crazy amount of shelves and scrubbed the floors by hand. We then set up our bed, a nightstand and a folding table.  My hubs is using boxes for a nightstand  and his clothes are all in separate boxes.
He had scoured the guest room bathroom tub and toilet so we had something to use.
I was getting light headed from all the fumes of cleaning. I then lined the shelves and proceeded to unpack kitchen boxes. Good grief there are a lot of them. Who needs all this stuff especially since at this stage in my life, I rarely cook.
Suddenly, The hubs calls out and says we have a visitor and in walks this dog I saw earlier. Apparently,  he is the friendly neighborhood dog. Weird proportions, long body looked like Labrador,  short legs. He checked everything out and then he let me pet him a little and then he left. He had a collar and tags and I had seen him earlier in the moving process with a Beagle. Funny.


Here’s our temporary bedroom.


Dining room looking towards living room




Living room, you can see how crappy the carpet is.


Things will be fine, I found the Tequila.  Lol.


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