Sunday – The Day of Rest. Not happening here!

Sunday,  here we are again,


I cannot stand to have crappy wallpaper,  I had already started removing it every time I went by bathroom. It was actually pretty little birds at one time but now even the birds wanted to fly the coop. This was the easiest wallpaper  I have ever removed. And I have removed a lot of wallpaper.  I even bought one of those steamers. This paper came down in big straps except for a few stubborn pieces.


Another job tackled,  was that the previous owner “D” literally sealed up everything.  From Windows as you can see here, to exhaust fans.  It will take some slight sanding to remove adhesive.  Even in the kitchen where he had hooks and a spice holder, he used some kind of glue strip( and several strips at that)  that would probably hold an elephant. We went and got some adhesive removal stuff from Lowes that helped. 

We were very excited because today Lowes was delivering our new appliances. I had originally selected white because our cabinets are going you be white and the kitchen is small, but then decided on Stainless steel.  Did you know Lowes has a great program that if you order over $2500 worth of merchandise,  you can get a special price.  It is awesome. 

Lowe’s came pretty early and we’re sweet enough to suggest we just transfer our food from the old refrigerator to our new one and they would remove it. Mission accomplished  although I still have to lay it out right. Then they brought in the stove, but it was black, I never ordered black. The delivery guy said it says black. Back when we switched from white to Stainless steel,  our salesman left and another took over and keyed in the wrong product number. Fortunately,  our salesman was there when we called and they had one in stock. Whew! They dropped off the over the stove microwave that Roger would install himself. Our dishwasher was on back order.  Ugh.
But I love the new SS.



Sorry about the towels. Hopefully you will give me a break since I am in the midst of chaos.
Later while I was doing dishes I heard Roger talking to someone. I was nosey, curious so I looked outside to see who it was. It was a man walking the cutest little dog. I needed some puppy love so I walked outside. Hubs introduced me to our next door neighbor and their adorable dachshund mix dog who I scooped up and held the whole conversation. Nice man shared the neighborhood history and said it was a great quiet neighborhood so we were happy. Hopefully, we will become friends. I knew most of the neighbors where I used to live. I am an outgoing person which helps. I have literally walked up to neighbors houses and introduced myself.
At any rate, we still have a lot to do so u will keep you posted.


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