Monday – Yea!! we get Internet

Originally when we were turning on our utilities,  the hubs said to turn on the Internet and TV service on Monday since we would probably be too busy to think about much. BIG MISTAKE . Unfortunately,  it couldn’t be fixed and we had to wait until today to get service. I know, poor us. I didn’t want to use up my minutes so I had to watch what I did. 


As you can see, we at least have a sitting area,  the carpet here shows you how bad it truly is and I cannot wait until we can rip it all out and replace it.


My curtains from Kohls came in so I put them up although they aren’t on the right rods but I wanted to see how they looked. I think they are really cute and farmhouse style. Thinking I need more panels and one f or the front door.
The other day, a strange dog just walked into our house and then a black and white cat came up meowing like crazy. It had on a flea collar so it belongs to someone,  just hope it’s not the guy who used to live here.
I miss having a pet but if these other dogs keep coming over I can get my loving in.
Hubs took off work from last Wednesday  til the following Monday and boy am I glad. I seriously could not do this without him.
Internet people came, yea!!! Now we have service and they will come back Thursday to wrap the house (whatever that means) to get a wire for service to what will be our office.  Plus we are getting a TV in the master bedroom which I have wanted but hubs didnt. Don’t know why he changed his mind, but I am happy.


And look now I can make margaritas so all is good.


We took a break to get away from cleaning chemicals and literally breathe fresh air. We both look pretty beat.
Later that night, somehow we lost tv service and internet. I was not happy. We had just bought the new Star Wars movie so we watched that. Tomorrow that company is getting a call first thing.


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