One Week since we started Moving

After 12 hour days of constant cleaning, unpacking and generally abusing our old bodies, The Hubs woke me up with breakfast in bed. Better than that, he said we needed a break. I was thrilled to hear that because my energy and spirit was flagging. We decided to go to one our favorite antique malls and try and stop thinking about all the things we still need to do to our new house.
We jumped in the car, okay, not exactly jumped, more like poured ourselves in, drove off for a fun filled day.
We had just started going down the first aisle, we were looking for an old door to turn into a headboard, a hall tree and some antique bedroom furniture.  I was checking out a cute little bracelet (nothing on my list but it was cute) and this girl starts looking st the jewelry too and we start chatting . We bump into each other several times in the mall and then again in the Cheese store which is connected.  I asked her if she was local and said they had moved there a little while back,  so I asked if she knew of any other Antique stores around. She gave us some names and directions and left the store before us. We didn’t find anything on our list but I got that cute bracelet and a couple of un-antique things.


Here’s that bracelet.  Isn’t it cute?

After that The hubs and I ate lunch and meandered off to find those stores she had mentioned.  We found the one but didn’t find anything this time.  We walked into the last one she told us about and the Hubs said ” There’s that girl.” I thought he was joking because it had been quite some time since we both had left the original one we had met at, but there she was. We chatted some
more and I wished she lived closer because I really liked her. Oh well.
We made one more stop at an outlet store where I found some really cute Farmhouse Style stuff for cheap which I will use in our new place. Score!!




Of course I found a cute little necklace too.


We headed home and I was exhausted.  For me to be too tired to shop is saying something.
It was nice to take the day off. Sometimes, you just need time to regroup. When you get old, your body needs rest.
We needed both.


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