Sunday . Last day of vacation for the Hubs.

Hard to believe but yes the hubs took 7 days off using vacation time to get us moved. In that 7 days, we had to rush getting moved out of our other house and therefore weren’t able to do what we wanted to the new house beforehand.  This is the first time I haven’t been able to move my stuff in and start decorating. This time,  we are living temporarily in limbo until we get some things done.

We have been cleaning and scrubbing every literal surface from years and years of dust, grime and dirt. I am washing walls, including inside of closets, floors, cupboards. We have to replace all the carpet and we finally ordered Pergo yesterday. We are using that throughout. That won’t be in for 2 weeks.
This weekend I have been stripping wallpaper (a chore I detest) from both bathrooms and kitchen. Wallpaper from hell. The glue does not want to come off. I finally found my steamer (hallelujah ) and it’s so much easier. Albeit, it does exude a lot of steam. I think my skin looks dewier. Tomorrow, I am going to sand the areas where I removed the paper. Not too happy about that either.
Good news is that the hubs and I agreed on the paint colors in the kitchen and living room. Just have to figure out the master bedroom and bathroom plus the guest bath. The other rooms can wait.

Meanwhile, here’s a shot of the kitchen wall sans wallpaper.  Not exactly pretty.


Here’s a shot of the hubs hanging the curtains. I chose a black and white buffalo check. He doesn’t look too happy does he. Lol


To top things off, my husband asked me to come outside while I was finishing up the kitchen wallpaper fun. He was standing in the yard where he had been working so hard. He said “There’s is a beautiful  5′ Black Snake behind us. Don’t worry, he’s non venomous.” First of all, I pretty much heard the word 5′ and snake and that was all. I turned to see this ginormous black snake not far enough away from me that I would have liked. My husband loves snakes but he laughingly told me he heard rattling while he was cutting brush. This snake apparently shakes it tail like a rattler and because there are as of many leaves, it make a noise like a rattler and he said he about jumped because it caught him by surprise.  As for me i hate snakes, spiders,  bugs in general except ladybugs and butterflies. I hate them because they terrify me. He tried to convince me that the snake was good. It ate bugs etc. I did not buy that for any amount of money. He did however move the snake to parts unknown. I on the other will definitely be watching the ground.



My husband was close to take these pictures,  not me.
Wish me luck tomorrow.


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