Monday- All by Myself

Woke up to weird creaks and groans and when I realized it wasn’t coming from my own body, I figured out it was the sounds of the new house. Each house has its own noises. I woke up after my husband had gone off to work. It was just me, the house and a lot of work to be done. But coffee first. I had some errands to run first before I got all sweaty and dirty so showered and dressed and even put on some make up for my important trip to the library and Walmart. Wow, such an exciting life I lead. Looked at the pretty flowers wistfully and decided I needed to add some pretty Salvia a gorgeous  purple Perennial.  But not right now.  Got my paint for the bathroom,  picked up a small putty knife for those itsy bitsy parts you can’t get into with a regular size one. At 11:30 I had to head back home.
Had to change into something I can get paint on since I am a sloppy painter. I had to sand the walls and the puttied spots so the primer would have a smooth surface. NOTE . I screwed up by ripping off the wallpaper without steaming it or using a product like Dif. I tore the wallpaper off but the backing stayed and I tried to rip it off with putty knife and I ended up gouging the wallboard. SMACK FOREHEAD HERE. This required using putty to fix the gouges and holes and more sanding. I should know better. Here’s a picture of what the bathroom looked like before.


Gosh that mirror was gross. The birds flew the coop cos they were beat up, grimy and dirty. I did keep a little sample for my scrapbook.


Peeling and peeling. See that dang gouge. Grr.

Now it’s the “During stage” patched and primed.


Yes, those awful lights are going, new lights are just waiting till after I paint, told you I was a sloppy painter. Tomorrow a new soft grey blue is going up, clean the bathroom ,hang up new shower curtain, put in rugs and towels and decor. This is just the guest bath.
Will post finished product later.
** We will be replacing vanity soon.


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