Tuesday brings Stormy Warnings.

I thought it was supposed to be nice today. I had to get up early to take hubs to work because his truck is in the shop. Ugh. I felt so tired. Of course I didn’t go to bed til 1 a.m. and then came out on the couch at 4 a.m. cos I was so blasted hot. Came home and yes I went back to bed. It’s one of my many talents.  I woke up again at 9. It looked beautiful outside so I flung open the curtains , yea, we have curtains and opened the windows. 
I opened the can of paint so excited and it was so light I thought they forgot to tint it.  I put some on the super white primed wall and it still looked barely blue. Rats, this wasn’t going to work. Change of plans.
My sweet hubs told me this morning that he had puttied the rest of the bathroom and kitchen. Yea!!! So I went into the master bath and sanded and sanded. Still picking off stupid teensy pieces of wallpaper. Then I primed. That Zinsser primer was recommended to us by the guy at Lowes and I really like it.


I would have to pick up some more for kitchen.
I had a allergy shot appointment so I set my clocks timer to give me time to shower and clean up before I went. I kept working til the little timer dinged. I had a couple other errands to run before I had to pick up the hubs from work. Hopefully tomorrow after work he will get his truck.
I picked him up and we went to guess where? You probably guessed Walmart and you would be right. We picked out some paint colors and brought back that other too light paint.
Went out for Mexican food too. Yummo. That’s my favorite food.
Came home, finished priming the master bath. 


You really can’t tell much from here so here’s a before shot. That’s all the previous owners stuff.


I just cleaned the bathroom for the zillionth time .
Hubs did first coat of new Blue in guest bath.


It’s really hard to see but it’s a Robin’s egg blue. That vanity is going bye bye as well as those ugly lights.
Here’s a reminder of before.


Finally it’s time to call it a night. My hands literally ache.
Tomorrow, I get to sand and prime the kitchen. Oh joy.


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