This past weekend,  I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter came to check out our new house. Her schedule is beyond crazy so I knew it would be awhile. Her husband is in the National Guard and he had duty this weekend and I was hoping she could get away but she said she had to work. I understood but was disappointed. Imagine my surprise when the hubs called me into the kitchen to check the curtains he just hung, only to find my daughter hiding (not too well) in them. They were in cahoots for 3 days and I had no clue. She came to celebrate early Mothers Day. We had a great weekend shopping and visiting. I think she thinks the hubs and I have lost our minds with this fixer upper. She should know better.
So far, here’s our progress:
Kitchen – completely scrubbed everything. New refrigerator,  stove and hallelujah the new dishwasher came today. Woo hoo.


This I’d the old icky one. Goodbye.

Here is the new one


It is Stainless steel and apparently highly rated. It was on back order.  Hubs will install it hopefully tomorrow.
Kitchen has been painted and the new cute Rooster curtains came.
Still need to sand and paint cabinets and replace counter tops.


Yes, those are dishes in a drainer. I didn’t have my new dishwasher. 


I added some cute knickknacks on top of cabinets. Still can’t find the lamp shade to Rooster lamp.

The guest bath has been scrubbed and cleaned top to bottom. Wallpaper gone and new Blue paint, new mirror and I may or may not replace the white shower curtain from other house. Blue rugs.
Need to replace vanity and sink. This one is not only ugly but super low. Even my short daughter said so.



Master bathroom , hubs about killed himself cleaning the shower on this one. We got the walls painted a deeper green and hubs took out those nasty disgusting shower doors and put up side panels and shower curtain. I ordered an extra long shower curtain because the new Tommy Hilfiger shower curtain is longer than the liner.
Replace another low vanity ( the previous owner was kind of tall so I don’t understand that) . Will also replace flooring.


Today, I surprised my hubs by painting the master bedroom. I have not been a particularly careful painter but I really took my time and cut in and painted a first coat. I we going to do the second but my get up and go, got up and went.


This is the ugly sherbert green color in master. In every house I paint, I always do a heart with our initials. Those weird stripes were where there were funky shelves. The round is where a mirror was.


Say adios to green. This is called Faded Denim  but with the green bright paint when it went on it looked purple.  Our next plan is to rip out carpet and put in new flooring starting here and moving out. That way we can actually sleep in bedroom instead of office. It will be great to finally get up and get ready without having to go to 3 different  rooms to get stuff.

That’s about it for now. Not bad for 3 weeks in.


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