Another Week Gone

The weeks are flying by. Progress is being made and finally you can actually see things happening.  The dishwasher is no longer in my dining room, the installer was here yesterday for over 2 hours. Yea! Success. It sure is quiet. It’s a Bosch which the appliance guys were suggesting. I heard it’s great. It’s pretty big.

Decorations are being put up and we finally got to tear our the terrible carpeting and pad out of the master.  Hallelujah! 


Hubs starting the removal.


Rolled up in strips for easier disposal. He already removed some.


The padding.
Hubs was impressed at how well they installed it. Good quality carpeting and pad but old and dirty.
Now only 2 more bedrooms,  the hall and living and dining room to go.
Good riddance!

Here’s a shot of the front porch then and now.



First you may notice  that the leaves are gone. Next we added some furniture and decor. We are still working on it but I think and hope it looks friendlier. In the front, we need to add top soil and I will be adding some roses, hostas and who knows what else. I will add a longer shot but will have to wait until the sun dips.

Today, we celebrated Mothers Day a day early by going to St Louis to go shopping. It is about 100 miles one way which stinks so I load up when I am there. It got so hot today that I literally bought shorts and wore them out of the store. Of course, I paid for them first. Got a couple cool hooks for back yard. Can’t wait to set that up too.  Going to make a cute little garden theme oasis. Love geraniums,  but not their smell plus they are expensive considering they are annuals. So I bought 2 fake ones. Cost effective  because I can’t kill these. Lol.

We have been looking for more bathroom storage in the master and today we found several options at Hobby Lobby of all places. The funny thing is that hubs went to get a  tape measure and I tore the o)like
price ticket off so no one else could buy it. He thought I was being ridiculous until the clerk came to carry it up front and another man and wife were eyeballing it. The man said to the wife, this is exactly what I was looking for. He asked the clerk if they had another one and the clerk said no. I felt vindicated.
The next funny thing is that it didn’t really fit inside our PT Cruiser. So he had tied the tailgate down but the weather which was absolutely gorgeous earlier turned black and ominous threatening to rain or worse. I told hubs I would sit in the back seat behind him and he could move passenger seat forward and fit it in. Woo hoo. It worked. However; I did feel like a little kid in the back. 

Here’s a pic of it in the car with me beside it.
I will post more later.  For now, I am going to relax from my exhausting day of shopping.



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