Mother’s Day still means work

Well Mother’s Day was celebrated yesterday so today it was back to work. Weekends are crucial because it’s the time my husband has off. He has been working at his regular job then coming home and doing as much as possible. So he has some long days. Hard days too. Poor thing. Today the priority was to get the flooring in the master bedroom done.    My husband got to work on that.


Here’s the first piece.


It’s starting to look gorgeous.
I liked to help my husband but there’s not much I could do. Until, he asked if I wanted to learn to use the table saw to cut some pieces. I was nervous but wanted to try. I did pretty good. Hubs said so. Lol. He also said he was surprised too. Believe me no one was more surprised than me.
Beforehand,  I had started unloading the garage to try to find a certain box  that I need. I sorted the boxes according to seasons and my craft room. Even if am overwhelmed by how much junk valuable treasures I have. Unfortunately, I got in the middle of it,  when hubs needed me. I will try again later cos I really need that darn box.
Been donating a ton of stuff you the Salvation Army,  plus been filling up my booth at our Antique Mall. 
I am beginning to wonder if there will ever be a day to do absolutely nothing.
Not for awhile around here.
Here’s a pic of what he did today, he has some finessing to do around the edges of the the closet, but he decided to do it tomorrow. He was pretty tired.


Isn’t it gorgeous?  Can’t wait to get it finished so we can finally sleep in there.


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