Yea! Here we come

Now that the bedroom looks awesome, we are even more excited to get the living room, dining room and hall  done.
My hubs has been impressed with the workmanship of the people who originally did the work. However; it doesn’t make taking it out easy. In fact, it’s been quite time consuming. The carpeting in the living room and dining room is gross. We (  ok he decided, but he is the one doing the work) that we should move the dining stuff which is the heaviest and bulkiest to the other side of the room. He planned on working from the far corner of dining room towards the hall and filling in the living area. So thanks to some sliders which I love, we got it all moved. However; I had already filled it up and now had to remove it all. Oh well it’s for the greater good.
I must tell you, I have offered so many times to rip it up but the hubs basically told me not to touch it. At first, I was affronted, my inner feminist bristled but then he started doing it and I understood.
Before this, he was literally crawling under our house to fix the dryer vent. He said it was all rocks and super tight fitting. Yuck.
Here is a picture of this disgusting carpet as he ripped it out.


Here’s another.


This is just some of the dirt. No wonder we wear shoes all the time.

Well, he got it done and today dealt with the tack strips and nails.
Tomorrow, I get to paint the floors and probably the walls. Woo hoo.


One thought on “Yea! Here we come

  1. It’s coming along. I give you credit that you both keep working at it. I am pretty sure if this was my house it would be pretty much the same as the day we moved in!

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