Painting in living area done.

This house provides a lot of issues but it’s also exciting to see what little changes make a big difference.
For whatever reason,  the previous owners thought mint green would be a great color. Mind you the house is rustic, wood wall, Big beam separating the dining from living room and huge fireplace and hearth. Sherbert color paint seems weird.
We are doing various projects at the same time. While Roger removed the icky carpet and pad, we had moved all the furniture to the other side of the room because frankly we had no other place
to put it. Therefore; the actual living area where the couch , requisite recliner for husband and TV are jammed with the other furniture.  The carpet and one  mint green wall remains. One wall is wood and the opposite wall is all fireplace brick.
You can barely discern the Almond Paste color paint and mint.


On the other progress, the hubs found out about a new tool to help with cutting the trim so the Pergo can slide under. It’s called an Oscillating Saw and saved him not only time but hard work with a handsaw. He was positively giddy. Ok maybe just happy. Really really happy. I was taught early, if a tool makes your job easier then get that tool. I am just glad he’s happy. A man and his tools right?


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