Girls Weekend

My kiddo was supposed to go see a dear friend quite some distance away.  However, her driving partner had to cancel last minute so she asked good old mom if I wanted to go.  Due to the time constraints,  I had to decline. I felt terrible. I always hate to disappoint my daughter when she asks for something because she hardly ever does. Later that day, she called and asked if I wanted to go to St Louis for a mommy/daughter weekend. That I could do and actually needed. We decided to make it a family weekend with my hubs too. Her hubs had to work.  Unfortunately,  my hubs couldn’t come either because the tree guy was finally coming to remove 3 big Oaks that hovered over the house. So it was back to us girls.
Friday, she came over so we could get an early start because we planned on going garage sale shopping.  Of course, our house was worse than before because everything was shoved to one side, in order to install flooring.


Poor kid had to sleep on this couch.  Good thing she’s short and the couch is long.

Saturday we headed out early and found some great deals all over. Hubs and I have been looking for a high boy dresser for him and of course I found one when he was not around. I sent him the picture and told him it was a whole set consisting of headboard, footboard, dresser, nightstand,  vanity and chair. They were only asking $400.  He really liked it so I asked what their bottomline was and she said  $300. I took a chance  and said Would you take $275.00. She surprised me by saying yes. Next problem was that I was in my car which despite the fact it was full, ( I got a
chandelier for $3.00. ) it wouldn’t have fit anything but the nightstand. So I had to call up the hubs and have him drive up with the truck the next day. The kiddo

and I enjoyed going out to Olive Garden for lunch where we shared the Parmesan chicken and Lasagna.  It was awesome.  We shopped and shipped went out to dinner at Chevys Mexican  food which was also delicious. Then off to the hotel where we just chilled.

While Kiddo and I were bonding, my hubs was watching the tree people work their magic.



Sunday,  we met the hubs for breakfast at IHOP and since we weren’t meeting the people with the furniture til 1:30 we did some more shopping and then went to their house. Hubs really loved the furniture  and the deal is got. Here is the furniture. 




This is hard to see but we are only using headboard and the nightstand is on the left. Really beautiful piece and it belonged to the previous owners grandparents.
Well I will write more tomorrow. 


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