Memorial Day Weekend


Today is the start of the 3 day weekend,  unless you started yesterday, which we didn’t.  We were hoping to load  some junk like old carpet into the truck and take it to the dump. But it rained yesterday  while we were trying to pick up the Trundle bed we bought.  We ended not getting the bed because it would have gotten soaked.  Same for loading the junk. We ended up just heading out to see our daughter and son in law.  Our daughter asked my hubs to help her shop for a new car. Plan was that I was to go shopping at my favorite antique stores while they looked at cars. Kiddo was supposed to catch up with us in Springfield. Hubs had dropped me off at one of my favorite places Ozark Treasures while he went to a coin shop. Kid met up with hubs outside the store and ta da she already bought a new car last night.  It’s a cute green Kia Soul Plus.


She named it Lexi. Both our husbands don’t understand why we name our vehicles but my mom did so I guess it’s now a tradition. Needless to say,  we were surprised she had already bought one.  Since we now had a free afternoon we went shopping at Relics a huge Antique Mall where I found the cutest little chandelier shades in black and white check. And a tiny Ironstone pitcher to add to my collection.
Later, I decided to cut my hair and try a new style. I went with a Bob which is really cute. What do you think?


Sunday, we went to the kid’s church called Woodland Hills in Branson.  It is awesome.  It was an amusement park complete with roller coaster which they removed ( darn it). It’s also built like a castle.


  They have converted the kids part into separate rooms that are incredibly inventive. One was set up like a camp site complete with faux camper and fire pit. Adorable. Made me want to be a kid. Heck, they even had a fancy jungle gym like McDonald’s has. The church itself is huge and was filled to capacity.  The band itself is Branson worthy with phenomenal singers and band. The music is engaging and uplifting. Today’s sermon was about rest. I won’t go into the whole thing but the message was to rest in God and I needed to hear those words because as you know, both the hubs and I have been working our butt off on this house and to be honest, have felt overwhelmed  and often kinda crabby. I mean if God wants me to rest, then who am I to argue.

Now, watching and listening to my daughter doing her radio spots for a Branson radio station she works at. 


It’s always interesting to watch my daughter in her element. I am in awe that she understands  all those buttons. I have enough trouble with my phone.  Anyway, gonna go play tourist.
Have a wonderful weekend and let’s say a prayer for our military. They sacrifice so much for all of us. So many have made the ultimate sacrifice.


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