Heading Home

Whew. Someday maybe I will have a vacation doing absolutely nothing. Then after 10 minutes I will go get a massage, have pedicure and manicure and maybe do something like lay on the beach while a cute cabana boy brings me drinks and I do nothing but relax.
Maybe. Probably not. But I sure do like the dream.


We are traveling East on the 44 freeway and were tooling along when it suddenly stopped. Why? Uh oh . There is a police car and ambulance but only one car. Quick prayer. Ok back to tooling.
Spending time at my kids house is fun, I love being with them but it’s not relaxing. That’s probably my fault because since I am the one who is surrounded by shopping and I am a shopaholic. I live in a small town with very limited shopping so when we drive 100 plus miles I want to take advantage. 
This morning the hubs and I awoke before kids so we decided to go to Home Depot to see if they had other choices for lighting than our local Lowes. Poor kids need their sleep and I think I wore out the son in law yesterday, so off we went with a quick text saying where we were.
We did find a new fixture for the entryway. Then realized we needed another one to to match that went into the hallway. So we bought two .


Decided to go to the garden area to see what kind of shrubs and knock out roses they had.


These are pretty.



Also like these shrubs.
Of course, since we were travelling we were not going to buy any but we did get some ideas.

Went back to pack up and have brunch with kiddos and head out. I always overpack. Do you?

Yesterday, while we were antiquing,  hubs decided he wanted a low stool in master to sit on while he put on his shoes. We found a piano stool which he liked but was waffling about the price when about 2 aisles later some lady walked by carrying it. Then he found this cute little wood bench stool and found out it opened to a chamber pot inside.  We laughed and he would have bought that because it was funny but it was expensive. So today, we hit 2 more Antique  Malls looking for hopefully a piano stool. We found one which was over $200. (Pass) and another one but you had to buy the organ. Lol.


Here’s one I like.

It poured cats and dogs while we were inside the second mall. Fortunately,  it was only sprinkling when we came out with my bargains. I got some stuff to keep and some to resell at my booth. Oh yea, I rented another booth one aisle over. I haven’t put much in it but hopefully tomorrow I will. Ok, maybe the next day, I’m pretty tired.


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