I can see the finish line


Woo hoo! My man has almost completed the entry, dining room, hall and is now one strip away from finishing the living room. Of course the last one is the toughest because every single plank has to be cut.


He has been doing this on week nights after working all day. Poor guy.  Last night I felt for him and rubbed his feet. He loves that. Don’t tell him but he has nice feet. It’s probably not manly. Lol.

Now I can finally move the furniture back in place instead of being all jammed up on side.


I can put up my decorations and watch all of the TV screen instead of being blocked by the mantle. Heck, we can use the real dining table instead of tv trays. It can be a real living room for the first time in years. New paint, new curtains, new floor and clean clean clean.

Now I can do my happy dance. It’s a big room, I can dance all over.

Of course, there is still lots to do. But right now I am thrilled. Heck he deserves another foot rub right?


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