Let there be lights…

After my  hubs finished the floor last night in the major area of our house, he was probably happy to change gears and concentrate on something  else. We had bought 4 different light fixtures to put up to replace really ugly ones. I was excited,  he was apprehensive because he is nervous about electricity. Doesn’t know much about it and I can’t blame him.
The other day, you may recall that my daughter and I headed up to St. Louis and found a cute chandelier at a garage sale for $3.00. Then I went to an Antique Mall and found 5 adorable chandelier shades in black and white which match my curtains perfectly. I was positively giddy. The shades were $3 or $4 each so total investment was only about  $20 odd dollars. My husband wanted to make sure I was going to be happy with my bargain since I had picked out another fixture at Lowes. We had picked up a couple other fixtures at Home Depot for entry and hallway. Plus we had bought one before for the guest bathroom.
Husband warned me that this garage sale bargain had better work since he was already nervous. I said. ” The sign said it worked “. He had a bit of an issue getting the old ceiling fan and light kit down until he watched UTube. Then it came down. It was pretty nasty as well as ugly. Normally,  I would donate this stuff but it was bad. Then he opened up the connection box and there were so many wires. I mean more than normal. Fortunately, we have a good friend who walked him through it once he got our message. Of course, this was after asking several other people and the guy at Lowes who really didn’t help.


Isn’t she adorable?


Here’s my table, it’s not set up or anything. I am still working on putting up my decor but still have unpacking to do.


Here’s the entry light.


And the hall


And the guest bath. They almost look purple instead of black. Need to get lower wattage bulbs, too bright.


Here’s the living room. Still have more to do. One is find a good size coffee table and figure out where to place calf skin rug. Oh yea, need to call fireplace guy to check out fireplace so I can remove that stupid Styrofoam. 

The master bedroom is almost done. Will fill you in on that as soon as I get some pictures hung up.

It’s coming along pretty quick. Considering we only moved in on April 14th, we have gotten a lot done. We have the aches and pains to prove it.


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