Guest Room Up Next

Poor kid. Last time she came over,  the house was a mess. We had moved all the furniture to one side all smooshed up together and she had to sleep  on the couch.  Not that she is a stranger to sleeping on the couch. Seems like she and her husband always fall asleep on our couch in the afternoon. Anyway, we try to visit about once a month either at their house or ours. Now that we have a fenced back yard she can bring her 2 rambunctious dogs.
However; we do want her and her hubs to feel comfortable when they come so the guest room was next on our list.


This is a shot of the room when we first looked at the house. Not exactly warm and welcoming. But like the rest of the house,  we knew it would work.
First job is to remove the icky carpet and pad. My husband had removed all the other carpet and pad and told me it was really nasty and knowing that I am somewhat of a germaphob, told me he would do it all himself. However; I knew the bedroom wouldn’t be too bad so I surprised him and removed it all myself. It wasn’t hard, just cut it in smaller strips and rolled it up. Of course, I took a hot hot shower afterwards. It did make me work up a sweat. But I was happy to have it gone.

The walls were blue, not too bad. But after taking down the drape hardware,  it needed to be repainted. I had originally planned on using a pretty blue and white  toile bedspread. But my hubs was not a fan of the heavy red and white check duvet so I ended up using the Blue and white in the master for warmer weather. So I have white really pretty curtains which means the color options were open. I decided on yellow walls even though I don’t really have a new comforter I knew I wanted something cheerful.


Looks weird in the beginning.

When I am painting, I always write a little love note on the wall to my hubs.


Here it is yellow, but you can’t really tell too much. Took me three stupid coats to cover that blue. I don’t mind cutting in the top but the bottom is a pain in the hiney. So I got a great idea, I had bought a car crawler for using in the attic because unless you’re short you have to hunch over up there. We are only using that space for extra storage for holidays and such. I thought, I could use the crawler to scoot around the floor painting and it worked great. I know, secretly you’re laughing at me. It’s ok. Sounds weird but it sure saved my back.

I even painted in the closet because my husband insisted. Oh brother.

My plan was to paint the floor tomorrow so the hubs could install the flooring next. Yes, we painted the floors in order to seal them.

Sweet husband went ahead and painted the floor for me.


It’s bright red which doesn’t matter since we are covering it up. We use Oops paint when it doesn’t matter.

Tonight we relaxed and drank a strawberry margarita.

Don’t worry, there’s still more to do.


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