Dang it’s HOT!!

I like warmer weather but when it’s 83 degrees at 9 a.m. that’s too much. Especially since I was planning on raking up the gazillion leaves in the front side of the  yard, leftover from the lazy previous owner. All the neighbors have been telling us stories about how the old owner never did a darn thing outside.  I tell them he never did a thing inside either. Seriously, these leaves are years and years old. The hubs has been working all day and most of it outside and then coming home and working on the house. I wanted to help him plus our neighbors on the right side have such a pristine yard that I felt sort of embarrassed even though it wasn’t our fault. My plan however; did not expect these temperatures though.  I raked and used a big tarp to move the leaves to an area where we will burn. I did like 5 tarps in an hour before I was drenched and the temps had risen , my hubs told me stop. He was on the phone at work. I felt glad to get some done but there was a lot more. But I figured if I did a little bit everyday, I could knock it out and not myself.

Sunday, woke up thinking I am going to work on those dang leaves again. Hubs was working on the floor as I went out to rake some more.  I was raking away when he came out and grabbed the other rake and started raking too. I can’t tell you how happy I was. Got a lot done but the Temps were once again rising to the 90’s so we figured we would have to stop and finish the little bit later.



I was returning the rakes to the garage when I noticed so many weeds and off shoots of these bushes that he had whacked off earlier, so I started pulling and wracking away . He comes out of the garage and looks at my face and tells me my face is beet red and I need to stop. Fortunately,  I got most of it done. I decided to put one of my bird baths there but that will have to wait for another day too.
We got in and immediately took showers because Sunday  is the day, we try to go to my booths at the Antique Mall and bring more items in and rearrange. We had to go to Lowes anyway to buy more stuff for the floor. We got through with the booth and decided we were hungry so we went to Country Bob’s a local favorite where I ordered their delicious chili burger while hubs pigged out at the buffet. I can never eat all of it so I always take it home.  In this heat, I brought it into Lowes. Those chili burgers are too good to waste. Lol

Hubs finally finished the flooring and we were going to assemble the day bed we had bought for the room. When we picked up the bed the box it was in was damaged but the clerk said that he doubted there was a problem.  As hubs was opening it, he cut his thumb when the razor came out of its holder and we were both expecting the worse.  Fortunately,  it was a tiny cut. Then we found out the right side of bed was dented. Grrr. We called the store and luckily they had another one so we brought in the dented piece and exchanged it plus we bought two mattresses too.


By the time we got back, ok we stopped for ice cream, it was late and we were tired. The bed will have to wait until tomorrow.
Supposed to be hot again. Ugh!


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