I woke up earlier than anyone which is uncommon because my hubs is the usual early riser but he didn’t sleep that great last night. Maybe it was the rousing game of volleyball in the pool that did it.

We started this morning going to an Antique event we stumbled upon called “Vintage Bliss” which was at the Plaza of the hotel we went to. There was a sign when we pulled in so I asked to go. It was quite busy.

It was pretty hot but most booths had fans, I only bought a cool Monopoly piece of a gravestone. My hubs who didn’t really want to go ended up buying an unusual jar.

We were going to go to IHOP but realized it was lunch time so we went to Chevys Mexican restaurant which is really good.
The decor was charming too. Of course, we ate too much even though the kiddo and I split a meal.

Off to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods when my excitement was dashed when the hubs informed me it was Sunday and H.L is closed.  Double drat.

First we hit World Market where I bought a wind chime and some sugar free salted Carmel syrup. I am addicted to that flavor.

Then off to TJMAXX which is in the same strip center as Home Goods. My daughter had gotten me a gift card for my birthday.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t find a thing. Isn’t that funny how when you have money, you can never find anything but when you don’t you find all sorts of good stuff. Off to Home Goods. I love this store but again found nothing. Triple drat.

All in all it was a fun birthday weekend. Thanks to the kid’s and hubs. Now if I wasn’t so dang old.


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