3rd of July – Still rainy 

Okay, enough with the rain already. While I had been hoping for rain after the stifling heatwave, I didn’t mean for it to rain forever. Good grief, from scorcher to an earlier monsoon, this is the weirdest weather in summer ever. 

Normally, we would be semi-enjoying the local carnival. I say that because it’s always the same, yet my hubs always wants to go. We don’t stay for the fireworks because they are at 11pm which is too late for us oldies. Most people, hubs included have to work the next day. I always get the Funnel Cake. Yummo!

Anyway, due to the rain, my hubs can’t do the floor because he needs the saw. Electricity and water do not mix unless one wishes to become a firecracker themselves and hubs doesn’t want to become one and I don’t wish him to either.  It is frustrating though because rain is in the foreseeable future. Grrr. 

For now, we have to deal with new fresh paint and new curtains instead of paper on the windows.

Heres a shot of the office before we bought it. One side.

The other side

Dirt after ripping out icky carpet.

Taupe color looks more brown here.covering up bright blue. 

Strawberry cheesecake floors. Just covering up flo I really with oops paint. Soon it will be covered up with new flooring. 

Kind of hard to see new paint color and new curtains. Will post more pictures after we get it done. 


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