Monday – Who’s at the dang door now.

As you may remember,  last Tuesday while I was relaxing enjoying my cup of Joe, the doorbell rang. Here I was in my pj’s and certainly not expecting anyone especially at 9 a.m. However, my sweet husband had sent me flowers for my birthday.

We had a pretty eventful weekend going to St Louis to celebrate with the kiddo for my birthday, so when the doorbell rang again at 9 a.m. I was really surprised. Yelled ” Just a minute” while I dashed to master bedroom to get my robe. I opened the door ( don’t worry, there’s a screen) and there was this strange man standing on my porch.  He said he was here to replace our gutters. 

I knew we were waiting for this guy to come but he never set a date exactly so I was surprised but happy. I tried to call my hubs but usually have to wait til 10 or later because he doesn’t get cell service until then. I quickly got in the shower hoping the curtains in the bathroom were thick enough not to give these guys a free show. Finally, the hubs called back and I took the phone out to Rick the owner.

I was shocked at how much gunk accumulated in those things. Gross really, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since the previous owner never took care of anything else.

You can see how sad our little grass is too.

Unfortunately,  when the GG (gutter guys) tore off our gutters they found lots of damage underneath.

And then even underneath that. More damage.  A job that should have been one price suddenly more than doubled. 

Obviously,  we were not too happy. But it wasn’t the GG fault. Just the previous owner who I want to kick in the butt sometimes.

Poor yard looks so sad. You can sort of see the work in progress.

A closer shot.

Here’s the final shot
OK one more

Gutters may not be that interesting but they sure detract if they’re  ugly.


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