Office with actual room left over. 

Our office is the last room to get some much needed loving. It’s been the catchall room and the old icky carpet was still in there. 

Finally, the hubs and I took out most of  the junk from the room and piled it into the guest room. He took out the carpet and nasty pad. We didn’t want to mess with the computer so we literally moved the table from one side to the other as we worked.  

This is the dirt from under the carpet. Icky.

Normally, I paint the walls first but because he had to patch the wall where I got overzealous and ripped down the curtain rod and thus causing a tear in plaster, we had to wait for patching compound to dry, I did the floor first using red Oops paint. 

Of course,  had to wait for that to dry to move blasted table to other side. 

Then oops ran out of Oops paint so had to get some other color with leftovers in garage. Doesn’t matter since floors will be covered up anyway. 

Colorful wouldn’t you agree? My cousin thought we were leaving it like that. Uh no.

Finally  after it dried, we started painting together this time the room from Blue to Taupe. 

Weird color here. I didn’t mind the Blue but our master bedroom is blue so I wanted something more officey.  

Here’s a shot of the flooring which matches the rest of the house. 

We will be replacing that ugly banquet table that I usually use gorgeous my massive garage sales when my husband finds the “right one”. He likes the space size on the table. Probably will end up with something like this. 

 But we will see. Bought another shelving unit for my stuff. The office has the computer and files and of course our movie collection. Since I use my tablet and another computer in my craft room for crafts I generally don’t go in there much but I wanted a place to put my stuff like address books , stationary, you know stuff.

Not too exciting but functional for now. 

Now that I see this, I think we need to move the shelf over. My husband won’t want to because he just put most of the movies DVD ‘s in already. 

Please excuse the boxes. Need to take them to our daughter who will be moving soon too. 

Here’s what the room looked like when we first saw the house.

Now ready for our needs. 


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