1 stubborn Wife  & 1 loving husband

We are going to throw a housewarming party next month so of course as with all my parties, I go nuts on fixing up the house right beforehand.  We have cleaned, painted and put new flooring,  lights and appliances in. But the outside except for new gutters and tree removal still looked a little sad. I wanted to plant something in front of the porch. I mean just a few pretty plants can’t be such a big deal. Right? 

This is the first way it looked. 

I searched Pinterest then Googled local plants. I wrote them down. 

My husband still hurting from working on the office floor yesterday thought I was crazy to start yet another new project. But like I said how hard can planting a few plants be? Plus I got some on sale. 

Saturday, he finished up the trim work and I went outside to dig up two plants that I thought were good, but apparently one was a “junk bush” according to the hubs and the smaller one was an Elm tree. I tackled the first junk bush and man did that puppy have roots. I dug and dug and when the hubs came out to check on me I asked for some help. He finished up the junk bush and then started on the little elm. Unfortunately,  this little guy was cut down a lot on top but underneath the roots were worse that the junk bush. Hubs had to whack a lot. Plus dig until I swear we saw China. 

By then, we both were pretty beat up. But we did get rid of those two problems. 

Sunday morning came and I was ready to go. 

So off to Big Lots because top soil was 20% off their already low prices. Woo hoo. Then off to Lowe’s again to buy plants and rocks. Did you know that mulch up close to your house can cause a lot of problems including termites? We were told by a termite exterminator.  

3 more pretty flowering plants for the area in front of the porch. Then we bought 3 bags of rocks. 

Came home and I got busy. I was trying to dig the holes but kept hitting rock. Hubs came out again and got suckered into digging all the holes. He does love me. 

I planted 2 plants and was adding the rocks when I realized we simply did not have enough rocks. Hubs took off to Lowe’s yet again while I laid out the matting and planted the rest of the plants. We had the 3 flower plants plus several Hostas I had bought at Walmart on clearance plus I had a Lambs ear Plant.  I cleaned up the mess and by that time he had returned with 22 more bags of rocks. So we added in 20 more bags to just the front. We have to get more plants and definitely more rock for the other side. 

Here’s my nice bruise on my leg by my knee. Honestly, didn’t even know I had one til hubs pointed it out later. 

As you can see here they will need to grow but hopefully will provide us with years of flowers. We will be power washing the porch and the sidewalk.

The gravel is part of the circle driveway. Will be needing to add more gravel. 

Also see the area to the left, we cut down some big ugly bushes by the hose and again with the dang roots. As soon as we can, we will remove those and will be adding some roses and hydrangea. 

Can’t wait til we make it pretty. Poor house has been neglected for so long. But now we are making her pretty again. 

P.S. Already planning on painting the exterior.  Shh, don’t tell the hubs. 


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