Housewarming Party 

After all the hard work we’ve done around the new house, we are proud to show her off. The neighbors all said that they have never been inside except one neighbor who came in 6 years ago. She said it was pretty bad then. They all complained that the outside was terribly neglected which it was but now they can see pictures of before and after.  They all believe us but seeing it is believing. 

It has been so dang blasted hot these past few weeks. It’s hard to even want to go outside for any reason.  But I wanted to personally go door to door and invite each neighbor. Hubs was all for it except he spends his days outside for work so he wasn’t too excited about going outside again. But he is a good sport so he went along. 

I found a cute notepad in the shape of a house so I used my computer program to type out the details and printed on Vellum paper which I glued on top. 

Sorry, I had to block out personal information.


Well, we started out next door and the wife sounded really happy to come. That made us happy, we met another neighbor that we hadn’t even seen before. There were signs warning Solicitors were not welcome. She came to the door a little apprehensively but once I told her we were the new neighbors and had a party invite, she opened right up. The next house, I was chomping at the bit to go to. The hubs had met the wife before and found out she liked Halloween too and knew our old house with its Halloween decor. But we never saw them outside but then again, that darn heat didn’t really encourage yard time. This time a man answered and probably thought we were either selling something or Jehovas Witnesses. The first thing out of my mouth was we’re not selling anything. His wife also came to the door and came outside to visit. I immediately liked her and apparently she liked me too. Unfortunately,  she will be out of state when the party happens. 😯. We said we would work out another time. 

The last house we went to were 2 people we had met and liked before. They invited us in for a glass of wine and we visited for awhile. They are really sweet. 

We were sweating when we got home but we made use of a gate from the back side of the circle we live on to our backyard. 

Can’t wait, now I am planning my menu. We are inviting some of our friends who helped us move. 

Saw this on Pinterest. The party is at 2:30 so something cold and refreshing sound perfect. 

I have been making these little roll ups for years. We make them with different meats too. I put in lettuce, tomato diced, meat, cheese and ranch dressing. 

I love these cookies. I just ordered a house and key cookie cutters off Ebay.  I hope they get here in time. 

I am still plotting and planning. Will keep you posted. 

If only I had time to paint the outside….. oh honey…


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