16 of the best years of my life

I met my hubs after losing my previous  husband to cancer the year before . We met online before it was well known so everyone thought I was nuts. My cousin was concerned he might be a serial killer. Not so far. Lol. This was before cell phones were common so we communicated using mostly emails and a few very expensive phone calls. He was in Puerto Rico in the Navy while I was still in Mn. His emails and words to me were so sweet and romantic,  how could I not fall in love. I kept all the emails and cards. 

Well, Friday the 15th we celebrated  16 years of marriage. He and I have been through a lot. Now we are empty nesters and have just moved into this fixer upper mess. We’re not as young as we used to be and this is by far our toughest project.  

Personally, I am enjoying it a lot although I know its harder on my husband because he has a regular job too. But I am there right with him. I just have more time.  

This weekend,  we were trying to come up with something to do and really couldn’t come up with anything.  Our daughter, said she had just gone to this water park which was really fun. With these super hot temps,  I thought that sounded great. I had been tanning at a tanning salon in order to prevent sunburning when I did eventually go to the beach. It helped but my shoulders and even the part in my hair got red. At least not too bad. 

Here are some shots from our fun day 

The The hubs rode tall one. We all 3 rode second one. 

We also went on these and other ones too. 

While it was fun, it was expensive $41. Per person and there were only a few rides. But we had 2 season passes my daughter recieved so that helped. 

Afterwards we went to Olive Garden and then went bowling. There was no one there. Then we tried a slushy with ice cream on the bottom which was called a Yeti. 

Tiredly,  we went home and I took a nap. Later we watched a movie with Tom Hanks  and Julia Roberts called Larry Crowne. It was sweet but definitely not his best. 

Sunday, we went to breakfast and then went shooting at an indoor range. I have shot before but still not that comfortable with guns but it was something my hubs loves so off we went. The kid was also there with her hubs and liked it. Of course, my hubs was in military for 20 years plus he grew up with guns so he is a great shot. I actually didn’t do too bad myself, although i did shoot the floor once. Oops! It was really loud even with ear protectors and the smell was something I wasn’t expecting.  

Afterwards, we did s little antique shopping and headed back to the kids house to pack the  car and then head out to dinner in separate cars.

We tried this place called the Pub in Hollister that was recommended by a dear friend. I had a delicious reuben sans the saurkraut.  

End of our Anniversary weekend or so I thought. After saying goodbye to the kid, 😂, we were on the highway when the hubs mentioned stopping by the Bass Pro Shop in Branson. Its at a place called the Landing. He went his way, and off I went in search of bargains. Fortunately,  I found some great bargains on summer clothes at Belk’s. Unfortunately,  i was still browsing and had a bunch of clothes to try on when they announced they were closing in 15 minutes. I dashed into the closest trying room and literally jumped into clothes. Ended up with a skirt and 2 blouses for only $30.00 Woo hoo.

Back to reality and more projects at home.  Will keep you postedon progress. 


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