Me vs Big Bushes 

Here is what they bushes looked like when we bought our house

Ugly and well that says it all doesn’t it? 

Our neighbors, particularly the next door neighbor keep their lawns pristine. Ours will take awhile to become anywhere near decent. Due to the leaves covering most of the yard for literally years, we are subject to a lot of weeds. We have cleaned up the side  nearest the neighbor but we still have smaller trees to cut down so we can grow grass and let the sunshine in.  We did fill in the front flower bed. 

From this 

To this

First, my hubs hacked the holy heck out of those bushes and i did do some sawing so i could get close enough to dig out around them. Once, I  was hacking away at the evil roots with the hatchet, the head came off and flew over my head and hit me in the back. It didn’t hurt me but I was mad that I couldn’t use it. 

Heres a shot of the stubs 

Hard to see but you get the idea. 

I can’t believe the root system in these babies.  

Heres more pictures 

We plan on putting a couple rose bushes and a hydrangea bush in front of these windows. 

Plus we need to do something about the old fashioned faucet. I like it but not the hose hanging on the wall. 

So as you can see, the work outside is starting. 

Wish us luck. We’ll need it. 


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