Uh oh We’re Lost

Yesterday, it stormed like crazy. Thunder , lightening and really dark ominous clouds. It was only 6 p.m. and looked as dark as midnight.  We went out to eat and then came home because it was raining cats and dogs.

Today, the sun was shining and we thought we might hit a couple garage sales. Found a cute little blanket for the porch for upcoming cooler weather. It’s just for show though, so this one at $1.50 was the right price.

Next stop was in front of a crappy house. Almost didn’t get out of the car. However; I have learned that you just never know what kind of deal you will find. At first, his pricing was high. He wanted Antique store prices but I was looking and saw this cute Chipmunk plate .

While I was still looking around, Hubs asked if i saw this bucket. I had missed it and it was an olive bucker. He asked how much, guy says $3.00. I ask if he has any more. Guy gets one which was holding a plant inside a cauldron.  Never would have seen it there. Older guy who is the owner comes out of house and says” I can’t sell that for  $3.00. I paid $5.00. So I offer him $10.for all. Basically I got the plate for free. The buckets were reproductions by Target but at $5.00 a pop they were mine.  

Found a strip mall with Home Goods/Marshalls next to Ross which was next to JoAnn’s Fabric. Heaven.. 

This stuff is delicious. My husband LOVES.

Couldn’t make up my mind then saw this. Problem solved. 

Had to try right?

By now, I bet your wondering why this post started with being lost. It was after dinner at Vista Grande with this guy.

He didn’t say much but then again he didn’t pay either. 

So, (please insert drumroll here).

We headed home, however; we decided to go back a different way. A way in which we had been before but as I said, it was awhile ago. 

For awhile, it was pretty. 

But then, the Garmin was leading the way. Then she was leading us to a dead end and then we became nervous. So we turned on the phone with Google Maps and it said something entirely different.  Now we were more nervous.  My hubs was getting more than nervous. He EVEN  pulled over. He got out of car to look for map. I didn’t think it was in car. I called my friend who had been there a couple days earlier,  however, we had no clue where we were. Uh oh. Finally, he found the map. Hallelujah!  Thank you Lord. He said a few choice words about GPS . I looked at the map after we started backtracking to find a point of reference.  Was able to look at my phone and the map and realize my phone was right. Whew! 

Here are some pretty pictures of road. 


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