Power Washing

I learned the greatness of power washers when we borrowed my friends to do the nasty sidewalk at our old house. 

I have been bugging the hubs to get started on the new house which has not only a longer sidewalk but a patio that as you can imagine was as dirty as the rest  of the house.

Everytime we had the time, it would rain. 
Today, was the day. Woo hoo. Hubs brought out the power washer which we still had. (Yikes) and got to work. 

Amazing how it removed 25+ years of  grime and dirt. 

Hubs looked at me and said ” Wish we had done this before the party.” He will pay for that remark because that is exactly what I wanted. Grr. Men!!!
Now, we’re in the backyard where its even more noticeable because its a larger area. 

We have so much work to do outside including painting but the inside has always been a priority and with good reason. 

Isn’t it so much better. 

Thanks to the person who invented the power washer.  


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