I love Ferns

There has always been something about ferns that I have loved. Even as a teenager, I have bought them and then unfortunately killed them. Didn’t mean to. I quit buying them because I felt guilty. I especially love Boston Ferns and this year,  I decided I would try ( cross my fingers and toes) to try again. There was a big sale and so I bought 2 and hung them on my front porch. I agonized over these 2. I checked them daily, watered them a lot and they flourished.  My hubs was shocked as he knows my black thumb. They are still doing great in spite of even transplanting one to a pot cos it broke out of it’s plastic hanging one. 

So I got braver and decided to try a fern to go in an area by the driveway, previous owner had built a stone tree surround with several tall trees to provide shade. 

Then I  bought another one and then another because they were on clearance. 

Today the hubs planted them. We will fill in with more plants and maybe some flowers too. So pretty. 


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