Labor Day Weekend 

To be truthful, Labor Day has never been too exciting in my life. Yes, I’ve been to bbq’s and over friends, but nothing was so great except I got an extra day off work. 

This weekend was the exception.  Our daughter had gotten a phenomenal deal on a boat rental for a pontoon. Problem was that she and her husband weren’t old enough to rent the boat without getting a boat license.  Enter Mom and Dad. I have been on very few boats in my life but never on a pontoon or “Party Barge”.

Saturday, we headed to Springfield to get some shopping done there with our kiddo. Had to get my Hobby Lobby fix. Got some great deals. Also went to a couple other places then off to the kid’s house. Went to Golden Corral for Prime Rib for the hubs and daughter and steak for me and son in law.  Of course, I had to get the cotten candy. 

Sunday, the SIL had to work & since he hates shopping , we went shopping in Branson and found more deals. Woo hoo. Came back to their house for bbq and margaritas and games. 

Today, was the big day, we had to drive a bit to Table Rock Lake. Went to Baxter’s Boat Rental and they were super nice. 

Here’s a little story about me. Things happen to me that don’t generally happen to other people. I don’t know why but some of it is just weirdness and others are like this. About 8 years ago, the hubs and I with our much younger daughter at the time went to rent a boat  a speed boat V – Hulled to be specific.  Kid and I  had turns on inner tube when hubs decided it was his turn and I could drive the boat. Kid wasn’t old enough to drive yet. So I drive a bit then we pull over so he can get on inner tube. He tells me very seriously,  not to let the boat get into the rocks because it will costs lots and lots of money to buy a new motor.  We are near some cliffs.  Now mind you I have not been around boats, never to drive one at the very minimum.  So when he got into the water, it never registered to me where he was. I was so focused on not hitting the rocks. I also have ADD so it’s really difficult to stay concentrated.  I was really focused. Sure enough the boat started to drift toward the rocks. So I think, I  have to put the boat in reverse to avoid that right?  Well, my husband went nuts. Started screaming. I thought he was screaming about the rocks so I went forward. He still yelled. So I stopped completely.  Little did I realize that he and his manhood were perilously near the propeller when I began backing up. I literally had no clue. He was not a happy camper. Now we joke about it but then it wasn’t too funny. Having told you this family secret, I was told under no circumstances was I to attempt to or ask to drive this boat. Okay. I get it. I didn’t want to anyway. 

We were enjoying our ride and parked several times to swim.  The weather was perfect and so was the water. It was heavenly.  We saw big beautiful houses like this one. 

Here’s some fun shots.

There you have it. A beautiful and wonderful weekend with awesome memories. 

P.S. Even hit one of my favorite antique  malls on the way home. 

Win win


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