Weekend’s are made for fun right?

Last week end was a whirlwind with lots of fun. This weekend, I was kind of expecting relaxation.  Then I read the ads for garage sales and saw that there were several. As you know, A) I have a booth in Antique Mall , B) I live where the garage sale season is ending as is the Auction season. Therefore, I need stuff for my booth to refresh it during the colder months. 

First off, I found a glass and metal shelving unit with 4 glass shelves, perfect for the booth. Best deal is the price of $2.00. Woo hoo. I also picked up a minnow trap which thanks to Pinterest I will turn into hanging lamps. 

Cost $1.00 which will make 2 lamps and 2 light cords at $1.99 at Ikea. Pretty awesome.  

I also picked up some Lefton Christmas plates, I will have a ton of Christmas stuff since I  downsized and have oodles of ornaments I won’t be able to use. I also had several Halloween wreaths I made before. Even the hubs had stuff to sell. 

Now I ned to go tomorrow and fill it up and decorate it for Fall. 


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