Yard Work Sunday

After adding more items from my garage sale finds yesterday, I also added some Fall Foliage and a pumpkin garland to my booth. 

Came home and the hubs and I decided to cut down some of the extra branches of the trees we were keeping. 

There is a guy who has been cutting down trees so that he can collect wood for Veterans and their family. We had 21 trees to cut down. That still left 19. I love trees but all the trees were crowding each other and we wanted grass for a lawn not moss. But I do have some intentions of saving some of the moss. 

This is after a big load was removed.

This is the side in the back. The neighbors house is undergoing a total transformation.  Sort of like us. 

Wow, now the sun can reach the ground. Still have that guy to clean up. 

Took off some dead branches here.  Got nervous when hubs was on ladder. I was holding the ladder and got covered in sawdust and just about everything. Lol.

Not exactly a flattering picture but I needed proof to show I helped. 

Now my aching back and I are chilling. 


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